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Welcome to the website and key communication source for Tenpin Bowling New Zealand Incorporated. You are invited to explore our website and to help you find your way around, please use the Sitemap.

To join TBNZ please complete the Joinup form.  If you have not visited us for a while, go to the Updates to catch up.

TBNZ is always on the lookout for dedicated, passionate volunteers to assist with taking the sport forward.  If you have a few hours per week to spare, and can provide some assistance in any capacity, we would like to hear from you.  Please contact our CEO at ceo@tbnz.co.nz

Our apologies that some of the pages may be rough and functionality is still in development but hopefully there is sufficient information in here at the moment to let you know what’s going on.

Please feel free to send us suggestions through the Contact Us page so we can make this website easy to navigate and find information.  As we see this as our members’ website and supported by volunteers, there is no proprietory rights or ownership by a single person.   However, we would like to acknowledge the help of Andrei Nicolas for helping us get this off the ground.